These are some of the key questions our customers ask before they subscribe to TurnKey WebPro. We have summarized them for your convenience and easy understanding. If the following Q & A still don't fully answer your questions, please contact our sales consultants and they will be glad to further assist you.

What do 3 hours of free web masters work include?

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3 hours are enough to change/update news, replace images, or even create a few news pages. Please note that this is only free work of webmaster's and not programmer's or designer's work. Untapped hours will be lost at the end of the month. Extra fee applies for additional hours used.

How much information can I include in 10 webpages?

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For each of the 10 webpages that we are going to publish for you, you may include up to one full page of text of A4 size, and up to 5 images per page. The same amount of content goes for product/service information as well.

How easy is it to edit the site?

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We offer the most convenient website editor. Every piece of text, image, or a page of your website can be easily added, edited, or deleted. Our experienced webmasters are always ready to help shall you encounter any problem.

What do your services include?

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Premium quality web design, professional content publishing of up to 10 pages, 3 hours of webmaster work monthly, free web hosting, free domain name, free email hosting, easy to use editing tools, technical support, search engine submission.

Can I extend my website with more functionalities and tools?

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Yes! we can help you to install any free and compatible tools for free, such as blog, photo gallery, media embed, etc. We can also customise new tools for you at a separate fee.

Will the website work with most browser?

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Your website designed to work with major contemporary browsers ie. IE7+, Firefox 3+, and Safari 5+, Chrome.

Do all websites cost the same?

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We charge a monthly fee for our services, and the monthly fee does not depend on which design you choose. We may not take orders for custom design and hence please accept our aplogoies for the inconvenience caused.

How should I pay for your services?

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1. PAYPAL - one of the most secure online payment systems.

2. Bank Auto-Debit - you will need to submit the auto-debit form to bank to verification.